2020 Darebin Council Elections

Make your vote count to ensure Darebin Council continues to be a leader in climate emergency action.

Scorecards coming soon!

As in previous elections, Darebin Climate Action Now is preparing scorecards to rank candidates in the 2020 Darebin Council elections on their climate and social policies.  Scorecards will be based on candidates' responses to our detailed questionnaire, along with analysis of publicly available information like website posts and social media feeds. The higher a candidates score, the more they support climate action. When uploaded on the 5th of October 2020 you will be able to click below for a ward specific scorecard.  Each candidate's full response to the questions will be available.  If they didn’t bother to respond, they are scored 0. Relevant comments on their websites and social media are also given.

Darebin Council now has 9 wards.  If you don't know which ward you are in, you can find out using the interactive map at the Victoria Electoral Commission by clicking here (or for a PDF version click here).

DCAN would like to acknowledge the support of Darebin Community Network and Transition Darebin in the preparation and distribution of this scorecard.

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West Wardcentral ward

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South Ward


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