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Darebin Climate Action Now is an independent, non-party-politically aligned group of local citizens of all ages – campaigning for a safe climate future.  We campaign actively in Alphington, Fairfield, Northcote, Preston, Reservoir and Thornbury.

  • We educate and inform the local community members about the urgency of the climate crisis.
  • We urge Governments at all levels to declare a climate emergency and mobilise accordingly.
  • We provide information about the climate emergency and the threat facing all humanity.
  • We welcome new members to take action and influence our political representatives.
  • We organise information and action events in our local area.
  • We lead discussions or provide speakers for community groups.
  • We can help you form your own Climate Action Group in your neighbourhood, workplace, union, professional association, community group or school.

Darebin Climate Action Now holds regular meetings – contact us for details.

Follow our Facebook page for updates, or ask to join our Facebook group

To come to meetings or subscribe to our newsletter please contact Darebin Climate Action Now conveners -  Ann Sanson and Jane Morton at [email protected]

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