Many different community groups and organisations work on various aspects of the climate emergency. Below are the names of some of these which may be of interest to Darebin residents, with links to their websites or Facebook pages, and some brief comment.


Local groups or branches of national bodies

Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) Community, Darebin & Banyule.  

  • You can subscribe to the ACF and its magazine ‘Habitat’ but don’t have to be a member of the ACF to join one of their local ACF groups.

Climate Choir Melbourne

  • This group performs at many local climate actions.
  • This group uses the Tupperware party model as a basis for engaging others in conversations about climate change.
  • A highly effective community climate action group based in Kew.
  • This group brings families living in the ‘Preston/Reza/Coburg borderlands’ together around climate action.
  • A community group based in Darebin and Moreland

School Strike for Climate

  • This group is part of a worldwide network.
  • Local branch of a worldwide, non-violent direct action climate movement.

Umbrella organisations

Darebin Climate Alliance (DCA)

  • A recently formed local network bringing together a diverse range of local groups concerned about the climate emergency. A website is currently under development.
  • VCAN and CANA’s websites each carry lists of their member organisations which are worth exploring.

Australian national groups & think-tanks

  • A multi-faith network of people committed to taking action on climate change.
  • A voice for parents, grandparents and carers of children campaigning for action on climate change
  • David Spratt and the late Philip Sutton in 2008 published their book ‘Climate Code Red’ which sounded the alarm about the climate emergency. David continues under the above flags to issue invaluable expert reports, and to lobby on the issue.

Climate Council of Australia (CCA)

  • When PM Abbott in 2013 abolished the Federal government’s Australian Climate Commission, a crowdfunding campaign successfully replaced it with this independent body. Today the CCA issues expert reports, and actively lobbies on climate issues.


Rewiring Australia

  • Rewiring Australia is a non-profit, independent, non-partisan organisation dedicated to representing the people, households and communities in the energy system who empirically demonstrate and communicate the cost savings, emissions reductions, and energy system benefits of electrification.
  • This group runs very informative webinars and publishes hard-hitting reports on a variety of topics many of which are closely related to the CE. Australia

Renewable energy (RE)

Greenpeace Australia

  • Greenpeace’s ‘The Green Electricity Guide’ (2022) lists electricity retailers by state in order of the degree to which they support or potentially obstruct the transition to RE.
  • Tim Forcey’s popular Facebook site on how to convert a house from gas to electricity.
  • The new name of the Alternative Technology Association which started off by building an RE demonstration site at CERES in Brunswick East. Renew issues two quarterly magazines, ‘Renew’ and ‘Sanctuary’. Its co-founder Mick Harris subsequently established and still heads the RE business, EnviroGroup, based in Northcote.
  • A brilliant free daily email newsletter edited by Giles Parkinson. They also put on brilliant webinar discussions.
  • This group based in Canberra represents the interests of the RE industry and consumers and actively promotes the RE transition. It lobbies, runs webinars and conferences, and publishes a magazine called ‘Smart Energy’.
  • A group in Darebin which is planning to establish a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) and community battery in their area
  • A not-for-profit founded by Yarra City Council with the aim of facilitating the RE transition within the local community. They were the first to launch a community battery in an Australian inner city suburb.

Declaration of a Climate Emergency

  • A group which supports local citizens working to persuade their local Councils to declare a climate emergency.
  • This website provides information and resources for citizens campaigning for the declaration of a climate emergency.
  • Provides the history of the campaign for CED and tracks the achievements of government entities nationally and internationally.

Overseas & global

  • Too many to list!


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