Worried about the climate emergency? Joining a group is the first, most important step you can take. Join Darebin Climate Action Now where you will meet people who share your concerns and who will welcome your help in protecting our future.

Join Darebin Climate Action Now


DCAN supporters on the Merri Creek


Things we can all do

  • Help spread the word - Follow, Like and share information on DCAN's Facebook page and join our Facebook group to keep in the loop.
  • Vote Climate in elections: Vote for candidates and political parties that put strong climate action first. Closer to the election checkout this site for tips.
  • Put a Climate Emergency sign on your fence or window: check out DCAN's signs here.  
  • Write to the Prime Minister and your local MP: Climate for Change provides tips and all the current information you need on different issues.
  • Learn more about the climate emergency.
  • Subscribe to Sustainable Darebin: Darebin Council’s monthly newsletter. 
  • Attend an event - find out what’s on and where here.
  • Leave the car at home: Use public transport or bikes and tell your friends why you do.
  • Change your diet: less red meat, more local produce, less waste.
  • Pressure your bank or superannuation fund to withdraw investments from companies mining or selling fossil fuels.
  • Sing with the Melbourne Climate Choir. 
  • Go solar: Darebin Council and the Victorian Government provide assistance and information about going solar.  
  • Donate to support our important work campaigning and raising awareness about climate change in Darebin.


DCAN supporters outside Preston Commonwealth Bank


Other groups and organisations

Check out our Links page for information on other groups and organisations active in the climate space. 


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