Cooking up a storm on an induction cooktop

MasterChef Emma Dean showed us how to cook delicious meals on an induction cooktop at a recent DCAN event.  Emma cooked Vegan Pho, Crispy Chickpea and Harissa Burgers.  A recording of the induction demo can be found here and the mouthwatering recipes here.

Emma showed how easy it was to regulate the temperature of the cooktop with the touch of a finger. She also explained how much quicker and safer it is to use an induction cooktop which are very energy efficient - using only half as much power as a gas or electric stovetop.   Lachlan Hensey from the Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH) was also on hand to answer questions on the technical aspects of installing induction cooktops and about his work in helping communities switch to cleaner energy.  Visit the Hub to find out more about the range of solar and all-electric home programs on offer.  

  • Karen Dabonde
    published this page in News 2022-05-05 12:55:52 +1000

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