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DCAN says YES to the Voice

DCAN supports the reforms called for in the Uluru Statement from the Heart - Voice, Treaty and Truth.
Traditional Owners across the nation are leading many local fights against fossil fuel companies and for climate justice. Despite being the original custodians of this country, First Nations peoples are rarely invited to the table to contribute to decisions that affect their lives and lands. Together we can change this and move forward as a nation.
Later this year we will have the historic opportunity to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia through establishing a Voice to Parliament, giving First Peoples a say on policies and laws that affect them. DCAN supports voting YES.
Want to help the campaign? Whether it's talking to your friends, family or colleagues, you have the power to influence the outcome of this referendum. Join the Cooper for Yes Local Group here and find a list of other groups active across Australia. You can find more information here.

Getting off fossil gas and coal - is the Federal Government failing us?

In The Northern Territory the Beetaloo Basin is estimated to hold 500 trillion cubic metres of gas to be extracted by fracking. Five hundred kilometres south east of Darwin, it covers 28,000 square kilometres. If it goes ahead it will increase Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 22% putting at risk any hope of zero carbon by 2050.

Beetaloo is part of the Middle Arm Development Precinct: “Middle Arm will be a major manufacturing hub for gas, petrochemicals, hydrogen and minerals. Plans show the project would house new gas, blue and green hydrogen and minerals facilities, and carbon capture and storage”. The Beetaloo Basin will pollute up to 1.4 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas over its lifetime according to Reputex, equivalent to 2.5 times Australia’s total annual emissions. Read about the key players behind this vast fossil fuel expansion here.

Labor has confirmed it will support the $1.5 billion promised under Scott Morrison’s Government. It is feared gas production might be locked in for 50 years.

Ninety-six leading scientists and experts have called on the NT Government to respect climate science by halting fracking expansion in full page ads.

Write to the Federal Ministers involved: Local Member Ged Kearney ([email protected]) if you are in Cooper, Madeleine King, Minister for Resources and Minister for Northern Territory ([email protected]), and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. You can also join the Get Off Gas Network.

It's time to get off gas!

Households that are connected to gas can expect to pay hundreds extra this year for their energy bills when compared to all-electric homes. But not only is gas expensive, it's also detrimental to human health and a major polluter, damaging water, land, and our climate.

Join Renew for the first of their Getting Off Gas Toolkit sessions, where everything you need to know about ditching gas is discussed. From planning your new build to be all electric, knowing what gas appliance you should ditch first, understanding how electricity compares to gas, and whether getting off gas is cheaper for new builds or existing homes. All things about going all-electric will be covered.

Getting Off Gas: Planning Your Electrification Journey. Hosted Online, Wed 26th Jul 2023, 6:30pm - 8:00pm AEST. Tickets are free and only available here.

There are also some great local info sessions coming up to help you on your way to fully electrifying your home. Register for events at the Northcote and Preston libraries via the links below. These two events are part of the Electrify Darebin campaign and come with great guest speakers.

Electrify your home 101 with Richard Keech, Wednesday 19 July - Northcote Library at 6pm

Electrifying Communities with Claire O’Rourke, 1st August - Preston Library at 6.30pm

We're Getting Off Gas Pledge

The fossil fuel industry is gaslighting Victoria.

Gas pollutes our homes, our climate and it does so at ever increasing costs to our household budget.

Renewably powered electric appliances can do everything gas does in our homes without the unacceptable impacts.

Take the pledge today and tell our politicians that you want help to Get Off Gas for good!

Let’s turn up the heat on CommBank

CommBank is about to release their updated oil & gas lending policy. We need to turn up the heat to make sure they do the right thing and finally break up with climate wrecking corporations. While CommBank has been heading in the right direction, it's time for them to commit to this in writing: no more money for fossil gas.

Join us and other climate groups outside the CommBank offices on Wednesday July 19 at 12 noon for an eye-catching action to get the message out to the thousands of people passing through the city that CommBank is still funding climate chaos.

Writing to MPs to create a climate for change

The word from insiders in MPs’ offices is that emails and letters are taken very seriously – and counted! For everyone who takes the time to raise an issue with them, they know there are many more people who feel the same way. If they receive lots of correspondence on a particular issue, it will be discussed in policy meetings and can have an effect on decision-making.

You don’t have to be an expert. Keep it short (a page or less) and personal. Write what you feel. Explain why the issue matters to you and, most importantly, what you want your MP to do about it. For some tips and issues to get started click here.

Taking Action

On hearing some of the recent decisions made by the Albanese government some DCAN members decided to make their feelings better known in a couple of ways:

Firstly, by writing to our local MP, Ged Kearney, to protest Labor’s gifting of $1.5 billion to the Port of Darwin Middle Arm precinct, and then blocking an inquiry into this precinct, which they had previously backed. (See here for a copy of one email.)

Secondly, a group of locals plan to rally weekly outside our MPs’ offices to demand more government action, and fewer supports for fossil fuels. If you’d like to join please contact [email protected]

Mothers' Rebellion

From 11:00 to 12:00 on the second Saturday of each month Mothers’ Rebellion will gather beside the NGV, in front of the Arts Centre in St. Kilda Road, and sit in a circle peacefully facing the passers-by, playing music and helping ourselves and others to connect with our climate emotions. Signs with the names of loved children, or other messages of care, will make the gathering even more powerful. 

Mothers’ Rebellion invite DCAN members, along with all mothers and allies, to come and join us in a moment of rebellion and solidarity. The next one is August 12th.

Must-watch interview with Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek

Several DCAN supporters recently attended a national online interview with the National Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek. It was a very well organised event attended by thousands of people from around Australia who are gravely concerned about climate and the poor state of our environment.
The Minister heard clear demands on the need for a stronger Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, a call for stricter regulation of new fossil fuel projects, ending deforestation and restoration of the Murray Darling Basin.  We were deeply disappointed to hear the Minister state that her Department is not planning to stop all new fossil fuel projects on climate grounds – a clear sign of how much more pressure we need to bring to bear on the Minister and the Government. If you missed out on the event you can catch up here.

Winter is a good time for reading

With cold days and long nights, this is a good time of year for catching up on some reading. Many books on climate change are appearing these days. Here are three that we recommend:


“Earth For All: A Survival Guide for Humanity” is written for the Club of Rome by an eminent team of economists and scientists. It shows how 5 big ‘turn-arounds’ could steer humanity away from social and ecological catastrophe. For more information click here.


In “Crimes Against Nature: Capitalism and Global Heating”, Melbourne-based Jeff Sparrow shows how our economic system has led to the climate crisis and other ills, and presents stories of hope for transforming the system.




For those who prefer fiction, “The Ministry for the Future” by Kim Stanley Robinson is set in the near future. Besides being a fast-paced page-turner, it describes how society could be transformed, largely through plausible changes in economics and technology, by mid-century.

Please send us your favourite recent books on climate change with a brief review.

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