June Dispatch 2024


Welcome to the June edition of the DCAN Dispatch.

Blowtorch on Victorian gas

DCAN members recently met with local state MP Kat Theophanous  and federal MP Ged Kearney to emphasise how Victoria should strengthen its actions in the Gas Substitution Roadmap Update with national support. The gas lobby has been quick to condemn Victoria's progressive steps after the national release of the Future Gas Strategy which envisages a bright future for gas. We hope that Victoria's Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosio continues to hold her nerve and speeds up our energy transition. Victoria's continued use of gas unfortunately helps to legitimise the methane-belching gas export industry. We hope our MPs report honestly about both sides of the transition - ending gas use and not just bright news about renewables. DCAN will follow up and ask which of our proposed actions are being implemented.

DCAN's presentation to Ged Kearney is available here.

Council elections are looming

Many of us living in Darebin have become used to our council being in the news but for the wrong reasons. A recent example appeared in The Age, “Sacked and under scrutiny: Behind state’s council chaos. The article reported, “The (first state-appointed) Monitor at Darebin estimated in-fighting cost the community a ‘conservative’ minimum of $600,000 since 2020 and a high turnover rate of staff.” It added that a second Monitor was appointed in April this year because of a “still lingering need to ‘improve its governance processes and practices’ after decades of apparent dysfunction.” Their term of the new Monitor will run until December 2024.

It seems clear that the inability of some councillors to work productively with others has created significant problems causing delays in decisions that affect community programs and services. With local council elections in October, it is vital that each of us gets up to speed on these issues so that we can make sure that we vote for councillors who are prepared to work together cooperatively, including taking strong action on climate.

Please take the time to inform yourself about your councillor's behaviour. Local resident and keen council observer, Serena O'Meley, has created a blog which documents the issues in detail. Contact DCAN if you want to help get a cooperative and climate active council elected in October.

Australians must get off gas!

Respected journalist Alan Kohler writes succinctly and clearly about the weaknesses in the national plan for electrification of households. He uses the precedent of Esperance in Western Australia to call, firstly, for a gas wind down plan, secondly, much more direct funding to households and, thirdly, protection of the last household still on gas.

IEEFA research continues to expose the LNG industry's dependence on Japan, this time via its investments in Woodside and other companies. In the April Dispatch, we reported on how Japan exports more Australian LNG to south-east Asia than it uses domestically.

Tanya Plibersek 'Call-a-Thon'

On Monday 24th June the debate on the national environmental law reform bills will recommence in Federal parliament. The issue will be at the top of MP’s minds and in the news, making this a critical time to ensure Minister Plibersek knows there is strong public support for a Climate Trigger.

Move Beyond Coal are launching a month-long ‘Tanya Plibersek Call-A-Thon’ to demonstrate sustained and broad community support for no more coal and gas.

If you can help by committing to make a call to Tanya’s office the roster is available here.

Advice and talking points can be found here.

Do climate surveys matter

Attitudes of Australians to the climate emergency matter, but do opinion polls and surveys capture what people are thinking? And does it matter if a poll shows that climate is less of a priority this time? Politicians seem to take notice. These two major surveys, one commissioned by Zen Energy and the other by CSIRO, offer more indepth insights than opinion polls. Several DCAN members are keen to counter misinformation when seemingly adverse poll findings are released. If you would like to contribute, contact DCAN here.

“Don’t get depressed, get active!” Bob Brown

Join Extinction Rebellion Northside to see the inspiring 2023 film The Giants. The film weaves life-long activist Bob Brown’s extraordinary story with the lives of the ancient trees he is fighting for. Drawing on Bob’s lifetime of activism, from the Franklin River to the Tarkine, The Giants is a rollercoaster tale that will leave you hopeful and ready to make a difference.

Thursday 27th June, 6-8:30pm,144-146 Sydney Rd Coburg. Entry free or by donation to support XR and Catalyst Social Centre. Some snack foods will be provided and you can bring your own too!

Official Website: www.thegiantsfilm.com

Get Involved: www.thegiantsfilm.com/take-action

Rising Tide

Last year, Rising Tide blockaded the Newcastle coal port with 3000 people making international news, and this year’s blockade will be even bigger, with a turnout goal of 10,000. If 2023 was the spark, 2024 will be the big bang.

And that’s why Rising Tide is going on tour to build up momentum for this year’s event!

Join Rising Tide for their Melbourne event at the Brunswick Ballroom on July 1st at 6pm for a night of speeches, comedy, music and food!

RSVP here.



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