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Show and Shine Electric Vehicle event in Bundoora

6 November 2022 - View the recording here

Tune into this excellent Question & Answer session on electric vehicles (EVs) hosted by DCAN and the Good Car Company. Over 200 people attended the presentation and were also able to inspect the electric cars and vans on offer. Note that the Q&A starts at 35 seconds into the recording.

The event marked the launch of the Darebin/Northern Melbourne EV Community Bulk Buy program run by the Good Car Company. For information on upcoming bulk buys visit the Good Car Company website. The program was supported by Darebin, Yarra and Merri-bek City Councils.

Film recording by Bernard Peasley. Vocals & guitar by STAV. 

Northcote Climate Election Forum

3 November 2022 - View the recording here

Watch candidates competing for the seat of Northcote outline their personal and political commitments to act on the climate emergency. Candidates in speaking order: Kat Theophanous from the Australian Labor Party and current Member for Northcote, Kath Larkin from the Victorian Socialists, Tim Oseckas from the Animal Justice Party, Campbell Gome from the Greens and Adrian Whitehead standing as an independent. The forum was moderated by Emeritus Professor Judy Brett, local resident and political historian.

The event was organised by Darebin Climate Action Now (DCAN) with the Darebin Climate Alliance - an alliance of over 25 groups and community members taking action for a safer climate.

Making the Switch - Induction Cooking with Emma Dean

28 April 2022 - View the recording here

An evening with MasterChef winner Emma Dean as she shows why she loves her induction cooktop - - and why great cooking is even better without gas. Emma shows us how an induction cooktop, using electromagnetism, outshines gas - giving superior temperature control and faster cooking times while using half as much energy!  

Lachlan Hensey, Community Energy Project Officer at the Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH) was also present to answer questions about induction cooking and talk about his work in helping communities switch to cleaner energy. 

Cooper Climate Election Forum

27 April 2022 - View the recording here

Watch candidates vying to represent the seat of Cooper outline their personal and political commitments to act on the climate emergency. Candidates speaking at the forum include the current sitting member, Ged Kearney from the Labor Party, Celeste Liddle from The Greens, Adrian Whitehead from the newly formed Fusion party, Kath Larkin from the Victorian Socialists and Rabin Bangaar from the Animal Justice Party. The forum was moderated by Emeritus Professor Judy Brett, resident of the Cooper electorate, political historian and author of From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage.

The event was organised by Darebin Climate Action Now (DCAN) and supported by the Darebin Climate Alliance - an alliance of over 25 groups and community members taking action for a safer climate.

Let’s Electrify Melbourne

25 November 2021- View the recording here

Hear from inspiring engineer, inventor & electrification champion Saul Griffith on how Australia can lead the world in enjoying the environmental and economic rewards of residential electrification. Saul, the founder of Rewiring Australia and Rewiring America was on hand to launch Metro Community Power Hub’s “Let’s Electrify Melbourne” campaign. 

The Metro Community Power Hub (MCPH) - a powerful alliance of community climate groups, councils and local neighbourhoods came together for the first time to drive community-led renewable energy projects across Melbourne. DCAN was a proud member of the Hub.

The MCPH was funded by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government through the Community Power Hubs' program and was led by the not-for-profit Yarra Energy Foundation. As Melbourne’s first Community Power Hub, the MCPH’s mission was to accelerate our city towards a net zero future which benefits the whole community. Funding for the Hub ended in July2022.

Why is flying a climate emergency issue?

2 September 2021 – View the recording here

Special guest Mark Carter from the Flight Free Campaign talks about aviation’s contribution to the climate emergency, and why not flying is a climate emergency response.  We know we must get carbon emissions down urgently, so is flying something we should be doing once restrictions are lifted? What are the facts and what should we be paying attention to?  

Local Councils powering up to tackle climate challenge 

1 July 2021 - View the recording here   

 Join us to find out about a ground breaking collaboration between 46 Victorian Councils who have come together to use their purchasing power to buy clean, renewable wind power.  Special guest speaker Ms Vanessa Petrie explains Darebin Councils' leadership role in getting this agreement off the ground and what it will mean for the communities involved. 

Vanessa is the Manager, Climate Emergency and Sustainable Transport at Darebin Council. Vanessa and her team also talked about some exciting new initiatives they are working on to help reduce emissions and build community resilience. 

Why the climate emergency is also a health emergency

14 April 2021 - View the recording here 

Join special guest Fiona Armstrong from the Climate and Health Alliance CAHA for a wide ranging discussion on how the climate crisis poses a threat to our health - from poor air quality to changes in the transmission of infectious diseases, food and water insecurity and heat stress. Fiona also explored how we can be prepared and build resilience.

Fiona is the Founder and Executive Director of CAHA - Australia's peak body on climate change and health. She is an expert in climate change and health policy, advocacy, and communications. Fiona is the lead author of many of CAHA’s reports and the architect of a world-leading policy roadmap, the Framework for a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia. She is also a co-founder and director of CLIMARTE, an organisation that harnesses the creative power of the arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.

This free event was proudly supported by the Darebin City Council's Community Grants Program.

How can we keep our cool?

4 February 2020 - View the recording here

How will rising temperatures effect our physical and emotional health? How can we build resilience?

Join us and an expert panel to explore the physical and emotional effects of the climate emergency on our wellbeing.  Dr Liz Hanna explains why it is so important for us to pay attention to the risk of ‘deadly heat’ resulting from hotter days and warmer nights. Carol Ride talks about the toll the crisis is taking on our emotional health and how we can act to build resilience and better support ourselves and those around us.

Dr Liz Hanna is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Australian National University Climate Change Institute and Chair of the Environmental Health Working Group of the World Federation of Public Health Associations. Her primary research interest spans all climate impacts on human health, adaptation options and strategies to boost community resilience and health sector preparedness, with a specific focus on heat exposures and disasters.

Carol Ride is the Acting Executive Director of Psychology for a Safe Climate, a group of psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors offering emotional support to those working on the climate crisis.

This free event was part of the 2021 National Sustainable Living Festival and proudly supported by the Darebin City Council's Community Grants Program.

Can Degrowth save us? 

5 November 2020.  View the recording here

Can degrowth save us from the climate catastrophe? What changes do we need to make to live within the earth's finite resources? Where are the examples that can show us the way?

Special guest Anitra Nelson joins us for an exploration of these questions and many more about the Degrowth movement. Anitra is an activist-scholar affiliated with the University of Melbourne's Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) and has written, lectured and collaborated on the topic of Degrowth internationally and locally.  Anitra's most recent book is Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide which she coauthored with Vincent Liegey.

Proudly supported by the Darebin City Council's Community Grants Program.

Building a sustainable economy

8 October 2020 - View the recording here 


The COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to take a serious look at how we can build a better, fairer and more just society – a society with a thriving biodiversity and safer climate.   

Dr Tim Thornton, Director, School of Political Economy joins us in a discussion to explore economic pathways such as Green Growth, Green New Deal, Steady-State and De-Growth.  We also took a peek at Amsterdam’s recent adoption of the Doughnut model which has been described by George Monbiot as a “breakthrough alternative to growth economics”.

Tim has a long teaching career spanning economics, political economy and economic history at both La Trobe and Monash Uni, picking up teaching prizes along the way. When he is not working at the School of Political Economy he is employed as a Senior Researcher Fellow at Boston University.  


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