Sep 2023 Dispatch

Let’s Walk for Yes together this Sunday

At DCAN we believe there can be no climate justice without justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  Please join us and thousands of supporters on Sunday to show your support for a Voice to Parliament.  The Walk for Yes is a great opportunity ahead of the referendum to show how powerful and uniting a vote for Yes can be.  Bring your friends and family. Together we will Walk for Yes. 
When: September 17, 2023, at 12:00pm - 2pm 
Where: State Library, Swanston St. Melbourne. 
Register to walk here

The Voice Referendum: Food for Thought!

You are invited to a  special evening with Mary Crooks AO (author, public policy specialist and Executive Director of the Victorian Women's Trust). This is a chance to bring a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour to learn more about what the Voice Referendum means (ie. invite the undecided or the unengaged). 

The Leadbeater Hotel is turning the band room into a dining room to encourage dinner table discussion and engagement in respectful, honest dialogue.  This event will be a space where every person feels able and safe to share their experience, ask questions and build their own knowledge and, ultimately, clarify their thinking about the Referendum.

Entry is free but please reserve your spot here!

Would you like to join a fast response team to help build pressure for climate action?

Given the evidence all around us that we are in a climate crisis, climate emergency groups and the broader climate movement are working hard to create rapid response teams of volunteers to take quick action against any new coal or gas approvals at the national level. This involves making phone calls, visits to politicians and other activities. In the lead up to the next Federal election we want politicians to understand that it is never okay on a heating planet to keep giving out licenses to build and expand more fossil fuels.  If you would like to be part of DCAN’s fast response team please send us an email. 

XR is also building a fast response team as part of their Tell the Truth campaign which targets federal politicians. Campaigners have been busy distributing information packs on the climate emergency and the still secret Office of National Intelligence climate-risk assessment.  The campaign is now moving into actions at politicians' offices - recently outside Tim Watts’ office (pictured) a few days after the latest coal mine extension was approved by the Federal Government.  If you would like to be part of the Tell the Truth campaign you can join the Tell theTruth Signal chat.  

Pressure will be mounting on the Federal Government in coming months.  We are heading into an El Nino period, which will almost certainly mean fires and extreme heat over the summer. Pacific Islanders are stepping up their campaign regarding Australia's bid to co-host international climate talks and in March next year the Senate will vote on David Pocock’s Duty of Care bill, a piece of legislation that could put an end to fossil fuel development.  This is an important step towards the emergency action we so desperately need - and very winnable with your help. 

Village Power funded for Community Battery in Alphington

A new community battery is coming to Alphington, thanks to community group Village Power with funding from the Victorian Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action. A community battery can store excess rooftop solar generated electricity from across the community to be used at a later time. It will enable the community to use the stored electricity instead of importing it from the grid.

The Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D'Ambrosio recently announced the funds at a gathering of Village Power, local MPs and Councillors. Congratulations to all the volunteers at Village Power who have worked for many years to make this happen.




Support Imprisoned Tasmanian Forest Campaigner

As the climate emergency and environmental destruction grows worse, anti-protest laws are being passed around the world, including Australia.

In Tasmania, forest defender Dr Colette Harmsen is currently half way through three months in prison for peacefully defending Tasmania's native forests and drawing attention to the ongoing destruction of habitat for threatened species like the Swift Parrot, Masked Owl and Tasmanian Devil. It is certain that Colette’s imprisonment will not be the last for passionate climate and environmental campaigners. 

Colette, an experienced veterinarian, says, “We will continue our acts of civil disobedience because our planet is worth it. A jail term will not deter us. If I can inspire just one person to stand up for Tasmania's forests, that will make me very happy.”

Collette can be supported through her challenging prison experience by following her on her website, and by writing or sending a card to:
Colette Harmsen
OTS Number 116318
PO Box 24, Lindisfarne, TAS 7015

Public pressure wins inquiry into Middle Arm development

In the July Dispatch we described our utter dismay at the Federal Government's decision to provide a $1.5 billion subsidy to support development of the Middle Arm industrial precinct in the Northern Territory. The funds had been promised by the previous Government.  This development will pave the way for fracking of the Beetaloo Basin which is estimated to hold a massive 500 trillion cubic metres of gas.  We know that the planet is already too hot and we can't afford any new gas or coal projects. It was heartening to learn that the Senate has finally agreed to an inquiry into the Middle Arm development despite twice voting against it. This is a major win for climate campaigners and shows the successful pressure brought to bear by emails, letters and phone calls to politicians. Read more here.

Protest for safe bike lanes - ride, scoot, skate on Friday October 27 with Streets Alive Darebin

Critical Mass bike protests are organised rides that aim to raise awareness about cycling as a viable form of transportation and to advocate for better infrastructure and safety measures for cyclists and other mobility users. We ride as a group, to form a "critical mass", making the ride safe, family friendly, and inclusive to all.

Streets Alive Darebin are calling upon Darebin Council and the Victorian Government to invest in safe separate bike lanes along High Street and to reinstate the Streets for People investment program to deliver safe cycling across Darebin. For details click here.







Route 86 Tram Corridor Planning - Have Your Say

The Victorian government has opened up consultation for the building of new accessible tram stops along the 86 tram corridor, on High St in Northcote and Thornbury.

A community survey is available to gather insights from people who live, shop, visit, travel through or operate a business or organisation in the area. Submissions close on October 15.

Streets Alive Darebin have also prepared a Consultation Submission on the tram stop upgrades which is available here.


Want to be part of a peaceful people powered blockade?

This November, take positive action for a safe climate future in one of the largest peaceful civil disobedience protests for climate action in Australia’s history.
Rising Tide are calling for thousands of people to gather and demand an immediate end to new coal projects and the end of coal exports from the world’s biggest coal port in Newcastle by 2030. It will be a fun and family-friendly gathering, with live music and speakers and food shared by donation. Borrow a kayak, or bring your own vessel – a kayak, tinny, yacht or surfboard!  If you aren't keen on getting into the water there are lots of supporting roles you can play. Click here for more information and to register. 

Book recommendation - Climate Restoration by Peter Fiekowsky with Carole Douglis

In "Climate Restoration – the only future that will sustain the human race" Peter Fiekowsky argues that it is not enough to reduce our carbon emissions, but that we need to draw down the carbon already in the atmosphere. A scientist and entrepreneur, Fiekowsky explains the technology needed and maps a practical and cost-effective path that will allow humankind to survive and thrive.

For more information click here.








Keeping up-to-date

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Also a Facebook page "My Efficient Electric Home" has excellent discussions and previous topics can be easily searched for, including getting off gas, insulation, draught proofing etc. An inspiring podcast is "Outrage and Optimism" with Christiana Figueres.

That's all for this month - thanks for reading! If you have any feedback on this newsletter, please let us know.


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