Cooper Climate Election Forum


Register for the Cooper Climate Election Forum  Show the candidates that Cooper voters want emergency climate action in this term of government

Wednesday 27th April 7pm at Span Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury

Our election forum is a chance to put questions directly to the candidates. Sitting member, Ged Kearney from the Labor Party, Celeste Liddle from The Greens, Adrian Whitehead, from the newly formed Fusion party, and Kath Larkin from the Victorian Socialists will be attending. Other candidates will be invited as they become known.

The forum will be moderated by Emeritus Professor Judy Brett, resident of the Cooper electorate, political historian and author of From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage. Please register here. The forum is brought to you by the Darebin Climate Alliance (DCA) which gratefully acknowledges DCA member Span Community House for hosting the event. Please note that all people attending the event will need to bring proof of vaccination.


House Sign Blitz


With the imminent election we would like to get as many house signs up as possible. If you live near a polling booth, train station or tram stop and would be happy to put a sign up we are particularly keen to hear from you, so please get in touch. The signs are a great way to reach out to neighbours and shape the election narrative. Email Katherine on [email protected] to get a sign.

Voters Prefer Strong Emissions Reduction Targets

In January, the Resolve Political Monitor asked a nationally representative sample of voters about the four main policy options for emissions reductions being put to the upcoming federal election.

  • 24% of all voters backed the Greens policy of Net Zero by 2035, with a 75% emissions reduction target for 2030;
  • 18% supported Labor's policy of Net Zero by 2050, with a 43% emissions reduction target for 2030;
  • 16% supported the Coalition policy of Net Zero by 2050, with a 26-28% emissions reduction target for 2030 (with 35% forecast)
  • 10% supported One Nation's policy of withdrawing from international climate agreements and not setting any binding targets
  • 10% did not support any of these options
  • 21% were unsure or felt all options were acceptable

While noting the high proportion of voters who were unsure or felt all options were acceptable, DCAN are encouraged by these results. We are committed to our goals for 2022 to:

  1. Build understanding of the interconnections between the Climate Emergency and other crises
  2. Grow community support for Climate Emergency action
  3. Grow number of Climate Emergency leaders/champions
  4. Influence Darebin Council, State & Federal Governments to act on the Climate Emergency
  5. Campaign effectively in the Federal and State elections
  6. Build an active & diverse DCAN membership as part of an integrated, active Darebin Climate Emergency movement

Josh Frydenberg: don't take Michael Staindl's home!

Long term friend and supporter of DCAN, Michael Staindl, is about to lose his family home due to a legal battle with his federal MP, Josh Frydenberg, the Member for Kooyong.

Michael has been campaigning for urgent action on the climate crisis for many years. DCAN supporters have had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with Michael at numerous events where we have also seen him take on leadership roles such as speaking at protests, delivering street performances and even dressing up as a dinosaur for regular Frydo Friday events outside Frydenberg’s office in Camberwell.

DCAN understands that it was Michael’s frustration and despair at the lack of action from Frydenberg on the climate emergency that led him to mount the legal challenge questioning whether Frydenberg was a dual citizen and therefore ineligible to sit in federal parliament. Michael hoped to bring about a by-election which would enable the voters of Kooyong to show they wanted genuine action on the climate crisis.   

Michael’s legal action was unsuccessful and he has been ordered to pay Frydenberg's costs of $410,000. Frydenberg’s lawyers, Arnold Bloch Liebler, who reportedly earned more than $100 million from federal government contracts in the past year, may have acted pro bono for him.

This can mean that they would absorb Frydenberg’s costs. However, now that the court has found that Michael must pay Frydenberg’s costs, Frydenberg has served Michael with a notice of bankruptcy in order to recover the $410,000.  Frydenberg has made it clear he intends to have Michael’s wife’s house, in which they both live, sold by the bankruptcy trustee.

Frydenberg has the power to stop this travesty of justice. He can simply forgive the debt, or request that the Attorney General declare the case a matter of public interest and have the government pay the costs as it did in all the other dual citizenship cases.

As citizens concerned about democracy and climate change we want Frydenberg to stop his punishing bankruptcy proceedings now, forgive the debt, and respond effectively to the climate emergency. You can read more details about the case here.   

Please join us to help Michael and Kay save their family home and get natural justice.

How you can help:

  • Phone Frydenberg’s office on (03) 9882 3677 to ask him to stop the bankruptcy action and forgive the debt. He needs to know that people care and will not forget about this.   
  • Write to him c/- his Kooyong office - 145 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, 3123.
  • Volunteer - help letterbox and/or talk to local people about the issue.   
  • Sign this petition and share it with others via social media and email. 
  • Donate - Please chip in to support Michael and leave a comment about why you are giving your support.

Photo credit: Julian Meehan


Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land

Photo: Glenn Hunt/AAP

DCAN acknowledges that there can be no climate justice without justice for First Nations peoples. To achieve this, we need to put an end to the brutal impacts of colonisation and racism. Traditional Owners have cared for Country for tens of thousands of years. They continue to inspire us with their strength, resilience and resistance - leading campaigns to protect Country and sacred sites from the destructive practices of fossil fuel mining companies.    

Today marks the landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and the beginning of the colonisation, dispossession and violence that has continued to the present day.  We stand in solidarity with First Nations Peoples on this day of mourning and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. We especially acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung People of the Kulin Nation as the traditional owners of the land that we carry out our activities. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and commit to working alongside First Nations Peoples as we chart a shared path toward a sustainable future.

We invite you to join us in taking the time to reflect, learn and take action - not just today, but over the coming weeks and year. We've put together some resources to help you on your journey: 

To the stories, experiences and journeys of First Nations people - NITV /SBS are dedicating a whole day of programming today. You can watch here:

About First Nations people and history, which is the history of Australia. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy just celebrated 50 years, learn more about it here:

Sites like the Colonial Frontier Wars detail the violence that has been perpetrated against First Nations Australians:

Learn about the custodians of the land and water you are living on from AIATSIS:

Learn about incredible First Nations leaders who have contributed to our communities, our country and the world who have been recognised with a National NAIDOC Award:

Support First Nations organisations, initiatives and campaigns:

*With thanks to information provided by the Australian Conservation Foundation, #StopAdani and Fair Agenda. 

Shell takeover of Powershop

Have you caught up with the shocking news that Powershop has reportedly been taken over by fossil fuel giant Shell? GetUp! and Environment Victoria have already severed ties with Powershop, and thousands of Powershop members are switching to other providers. If you are looking for an alternative ethical energy retailer to switch to then check out CoPower.  CoPower is 100% community owned and democratically managed. Their mission is to “tackle poverty, take action against the climate crisis and build community.” For more ideas on green energy alternatives have a look at this article in The New Daily.

A new Darebin climate network is taking off


A new climate network for Darebin groups and residents is off to a flying start. Thirty six locals, representing over 25 local groups, came together recently in an online meeting hosted by Darebin Climate Action Now. The main item on the table was to look at how groups can support and amplify each others' work on climate related issues. Those attending the meeting expressed excitement about the opportunity to bring diverse groups together, share skills and resources and promote each others’ events and projects. The network is open to all local groups and individuals who would like to connect with like-minded groups and get support for their work on climate. If you would like to know more about the aims of the network please contact [email protected].  

Come on a tour of an all electric house

Come on a tour of an all electric house







Treat yourself to a virtual tour of this all-electric, solar-powered townhouse belonging to one of our most active members. Built with recycled materials, this beautifully designed, energy-efficient home is completely powered by renewable energy through solar, batteries and all-electric appliances. Take the tour

DCAN's Annual Report - what a year!

DCAN's 20/21 Annual Report is now available.  The report, tabled at DCAN's Annual General Meeting in October, describes the huge range of activities the group was involved in over the past year despite Covid restrictions. Activities include some very creative mural painting, weeding parties, pavement chalking and talking, singing in the climate choir, the production of a new climate emergency sign and 'What is Climate Change?' poster.  This was in addition to the ongoing work with Darebin Council, lobbying local MPs and submission writing. Please take the time to read our report.  If you like what you read contact us at [email protected] to get more involved.  We would love to have you on board!

Help us stop fracking in the NT Beetaloo Basin

The Coalition, supported by Labor, has passed legislation in Parliament to provide at least $50m subsidised funding for new fossil fuel projects, including fracking in the Northern Territory. The government’s five basins gas plan would lead to expanding emissions, the equivalent of more than 80 average-sized Australian coal-fired plants! On October 19th a second Disallowance Motion will be put to the Senate by the Greens to try to halt government funding to gas companies to support unconventional gas exploration in the environmentally sensitive Beetaloo Basin. DCAN is urging Labor MPs to support the Greens' disallowance motion in the Senate. Here is some background information to help you write your letter or make an urgent phone call to Federal Labor MPs. Remember we have till just the 19th October to make our feelings known to Labor MPs. Click here for more background info and resources


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